2012/11/3 – Cashmere Hill / 羊絨山丘

Another wet weekend weather west of the Cascades meant another trip out to the east with the dogs. Met my friend Tom in Cashmere and walked up to this hill across from where he lives. The radio shed below the hilltop had its door half-covered in bullet holes. Guess everyone has his/her own definition when it comes to pastimes.

Nice views of Cashere, Monitor, and parts of Peshastin on top. The Enchantments was still visible to the west amid thick clouds.

Our next destination was Burch Mountain. From the maps, we thought it was possible to drive closer enough to the summit, with a quick walkup to the summit. But the road conditions far from ideal due to bad ruts. We didn’t want to force our way up and end up getting stuck, so we immediately parked the vehicle after the first nasty section.

We didn’t walk very far along the ridge, just far enough to still be out of the clouds so we could sit and enjoy the views to the Columbia River and the City of Wenatchee. There was not a drop of rain the entire day.

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