2012/11/4 – Independence Lake + North Lake / 獨立湖+北湖

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Independence Lake
Independence Lake

Photos from this trip can be found here.

The dogs and I braved the 80% chance precipitation weather and hiked the two lakes I have read about many-a times on WTA site. We got to the trailhead late morning with two other cars in the lot. It was only a drizzle when we started, then it got a little heavier just before getting to the lake. I let the dogs play a bit, grabbed some photos, and then off to North Lake. Many side trails and lots of ponds on the descent beyond the pass. A hiker we saw told me that the recent snow in the area got washed away by the rain. It was a bit windy at the lake, as the clouds started to roll in and the rain continued to come down. Snow free all the way, no snowshoeing fun just yet for all you enthusiasts.

Access: Independence Lake trailhead
Gear: none

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