2012/9/14-16 – DaKobed Slam / 達寇貝德滿貫

Kodak moment on Luahna Peak

All photos from this trip can be found here.

Dakobed Slam = Clark Mountain + Luahna Peak

This was a scramble via the south slope of Clark Mountain. Hiked into camp late Friday night to get a head start on Saturday morning to climb both Clark Mountain and Luahna Peak in one day. I wanted leave Sunday open to hike out to be easy on the dogs.

Sheepherder’s trail was easily spotted from camp. The elevation gain from camp all the way to the notch south of Clark’s south peak was steady. Painstakingly climbed up the steep scree slope just below the notch as I kept sliding down. From the notch, a noticeable ramp ran across the south slope of Clark. From that point on, the rest of the climb fairly straightforward.

We only needed to be on the snow for a short while to get to the base of the summit. Class 3 scramble to summit, easily manageable (even with two dogs).

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