2017/7/1-2 – Shelokum Slam / 雪洛庫姆滿貫

Photos from this trip can be found here. Shelokum Slam = Shelokum Mountain + Lamont Mountain (aka Wolfhead) 雪洛庫姆滿貫 = 雪洛庫姆山+拉蒙特山 (綽號狼頭) Coincidentally, the late afternoon start time was the same as our first trip six years ago when pups and I climbed Gardner Mountains. I specifically remembered the mostly uneventful approach, until a couple … More 2017/7/1-2 – Shelokum Slam / 雪洛庫姆滿貫

2016/7/6 – Cashmere Mountain II / 羊絨山之二

Photos from this trip can be found here. Cashmere marked the end of my five-year long pursuit of the 100 highest peak of Washington, aka Bulger List. The difference between this list and the strict 400-foot prominence peaks list are seven peaks. That means once one completes either list, by climbing seven more peaks they will … More 2016/7/6 – Cashmere Mountain II / 羊絨山之二

2016/4/30-5/1 – Colfax + Sherman Peaks / 科爾法克斯峯+雪曼峯

All photos from this trip can be found here. A generic report on climbing two of the three main sub-peaks of Mount Baker. Detailed beta and route information can be found on nwhikers.net or summitpost.org. By climbing these two peaks earlier in the season, we had the advantage of better snow coverage to get over the cruxes. … More 2016/4/30-5/1 – Colfax + Sherman Peaks / 科爾法克斯峯+雪曼峯