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2014/1/11 – Monument Coulee / 豐碑深谷

Photos from this trip can be found here. Our first time visiting the coulee and we very much enjoyed it. We…

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2014/1/1 – Granite Mountain XI / 花崗岩山之十一

Eleventh trip up this beautiful mountain.

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2013/12/31 – Yakima Skyline Ridge II / 雅基馬天際線脊之二

We decided to pay a visit to an old friend on the last day of the year. The dogs and…

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2013/12/29 – Tolmie Peak / 托米峯

Photos from this trip can be found here. While the dogs were still dreaming about Mount Persis from the day before,…

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2013/12/28 – Mount Persis III / 波斯山之三

I decided to go a few days earlier this year after seeing the ominous forecast for Year’s Eve.

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2013/12/25 – Avalanche Mountain / 雪崩山

What I wouldn’t give to be sipping a cup of hot cocoa, snuggling up with the dogs, and opening presents under the Christmas tree…

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2013/12/24 – Kachess Beacon / 卡契斯燈塔

With a late start, I forewent the original plan of climbing Little Kachess Peak and we scrambled up here instead.

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2013/12/21 – Potholes Coulee II / 壺穴深谷之二

Our second time here but first time in wintry conditions. Waterfalls by both Ancient Lakes and Dusty Lakes were frozen….

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2013/12/14 – Dickerman Mountain IV / 迪克曼山之四

Photos from this trip can be found here. Access: Dickerman Mountain Trailhead Gear: snowshoes

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2013/12/8 – Lake Valhalla / 瓦爾哈拉湖

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