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2018/11/18 – Collar Mountain / 卡勒山

Pup and I took advantage of another day of gorgeous weekend weather by visiting this new destination past Kendall Katwalk.

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2018/11/17 – Tucquala Peak + Paddy-Go-South / 塔夸拉峯+帕迪谷南峯

In retrospect, we could have included Tucquala Peak as part of the Nursery Peak climb.

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2018/11/12 – Crystal Peak + Chinook Peak / 水晶峯+契努克峯

Saturday snow level along the Highway 2 corridor was around 3,000′; today the first patch of snow appeared just above 5,000′.

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2018/11/10 – Toil Peak + Double Toil / 艱苦峯+加倍艱苦峯

It was only a matter of time before we came back to finish singing song of the Three Witches.

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2018/11/3 – Swakane Peak III / 斯瓦凱恩峯之三

Swakane Peak continued to be one of my favorite rainy day and solitude seeking go-tos.

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2018/10/27 – Mount Stickney / 斯蒂克尼山

An area I hadn’t explored since the long forgotten trip to Wallace Lake.

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2018/10/20 – Crosby Mountain / 克羅斯比山

Last year our unsuccessful attempt to this mountain had us resort to Bing Peak during the same trip.

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2018/10/13-15 – Pyramid Slam + Environs / 金字塔滿貫+周圍地區

Pup and I have been chasing after big mountains nonstop since Memorial Day weekend.

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2018/10/12 – North Craggy Peak / 北崎嶇峯

Like Genius, my effort to include the peak in two other trips was also to no avail.

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2018/10/6 – Genius / 天賦峯

Last-minute plan change led to tackling possibly the last big mountain of the season.