Tokul East by Fuller Mountain via Snoqualmie Valley Trail / 托庫爾東段

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Tokul East by Fuller Mountain rests above Snoqualmie Valley Trail. It stretches over the quiet neighborhoods of Spring Glen and Tokul by the Snoqualmie River. Like Tokul West, the area features 50+ mixed-use trails totaling 20 miles.

First view of Hancock's Comb from Tokul East
First view of Hancock’s Comb from Tokul East

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Tokul East at a Glance

Access: Snoqualmie Valley Trail (trail map)
Round Trip: 6.5 miles
Elevation Range: 360′-980′
Gear: none
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes
Playlist: Ooyy

Starting from Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Like Tokul West, the open space sits inside Campbell Global tree farm. The yearly permit sales began last week, but I opted for a $10/day fee. The new annual pass would take at least eight visits to get the money’s worth.

Recreation Access Permits (2023)
> MOTORIZED RECREATION ACCESS PERMIT ($300, up from $275 in 2022)
> NON-MOTORIZED ANNUAL PERMIT ($75, up from $60 in 2022)

The end of the neighborhood street crossed Snoqualmie Valley Trail. Beyond the crossing were “no parking” signs, so everyone parked in the pullout by the trail. There were a couple of porta-potties in the parking area.

Hillside view of Snoqualmie River
Hillside view of Snoqualmie River

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Tokul East Bike Trails

I had planned to do stuff around the house after yesterday’s outing. So the last-minute idea didn’t put me at the start until 5 PM, with sunset two hours away. Soon, I walked briefly up the road before going onto the hidden KGB.

It looked like bikers started on the pavement before taking the tracks to the plateau. Meanwhile, I went up through several steep spots using tree roots with tall steps. Though, I kept my fingers crossed that no one would come down.

East panorama from Tokul East
East panorama from Tokul East

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Exiting Snoqualmie Valley Trail

The plateau was mainly logging roads, clearings, and lots of debris. I went east around the south of Lake Marie while viewing Mount Si, Hancock’s Comb, plus others. Meanwhile, I saw Fuller Mountain blending into the foreground to the near east.

I savored the views of Rattlesnake Mountain before diving into the trees. Soon, I dropped steeply through the bike tracks into the powerline clear-cut. Then I joined the Snoqualmie Valley Trail and reached the car as the sky dimmed.

Finding my way home
Finding my way home

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