Monument Coulee in Dry Falls State Park / 乾瀑布州立公園裏的豐碑深谷

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This weekend Puget Sound had a lower chance of rainfall. But I could not stomach the 40-mph coastal wind gusts. So once again, we found ourselves in Monument Coulee.

Monument Coulee's Umatilla Rock
Monument Coulee’s Umatilla Rock

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Monument Coulee at a Glance

Access: Umatilla Rock Trailhead
Round Trip: 7.5 miles
Elevation Range: 1100′-1600′
Gear: none
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Monument Coulee

Monument Coulee is still my favorite place in Eastern Washington. This year, the absence of snow gave the area a new look. So it was very different from our last year’s visit.

The pups and I have visited the coulee since 2014. Since our first visit to the state park, I have been curious about the east rim. But I never looked into figuring a way to go up top.

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East End of the Coulee

So to curb my curiosity, this time we first walked through Camp Delany. Then we went to the eastern end of the coulee. There we stumbled across an inconspicuous path.

But to my surprised, the trail led us straight to the top! It drizzled the minute we started walking along the rim. Then the fog slowly time crept in soon afterward.

Gateway to the other side
Gateway to the other side

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Strolling Along the Coulee

Despite low visibility, views into the basin weren’t terrible. We meandered north to be above Red Alkali Lake. Then we rested there for a while.

Later we hiked west for several hundred feet. Then we came upon another faded path as it led us back into the basin. I wish I had brought my helmet as we made our way down the talus.

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Back to the Beginning

Once on the coulee floor, we joined one of the many paths. Then we made our way west into the Dry Falls Lake Basin. We took a short break by the semi-frozen Dry Falls Lake.

Later we came to the end of the unpaved road. Then we hiked the roadway south to the lower end of Umatilla Rock. From there, we walked back to the car out by the gate.

Open arms
Open arms

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The constant smell of sagebrush reminded me of summer. Oh, how I now long for spring even though it’s still two months away!

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