East Tiger Mountain in Issaquah Alps via Preston Powerline Trail / 東虎山

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East Tiger Moutain in Issaquah Alps is one of the six peaks along the famous massif. It’s also the highest point on the southeast end of the mountain. Meanwhile, the vast trail network through the lush forest offers various route options.

Mount Rainier from East Tiger Mountain
Mount Rainier from East Tiger Mountain

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East Tiger Mountain at a Glance

Access: Preston Powerline Trail
Round Trip: TBD
Elevation Range: 540′-3004′
Gear: none
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

The Preface

We needed to stay close to home this weekend. So that gave us the chance to explore our backyard at the foothills of Tiger Mountain. It’s our first visit since we moved to the area as well.

During one of our walks in the neighborhood, I came across the trailhead by the Department of Transportation (DOT). It was less than a mile away from the house. So we could actually walk to it instead of driving.

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Tiger Mountain

The last time we set our foot in the state forest was over seven years ago. Then, only the old black lab and I visited Middle Tiger. The yellow dog was still too young to hike with us.

It was a surprise to discover an entire network of trails on this mountain during my research. We had been here two times before. But back then, I only focused on staying on the main trail.

This way to East Tiger Mountain
This way to East Tiger Mountain

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An Early Start

I wanted to beat the midday heat and maximize the distance. So the pup and I started hiking at 6 AM. From the hidden trailhead, we hiked 500 feet south to reach the brushy Preston Powerline Trail.

A cairn there showed that we were on the right track. Shortly after we crossed the underground stream, we reached the Preston Trail junction. I could’ve missed it easily as it sat up the hill behind us.

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Preston Trail

It took nearly a mile to reach the for. So it meant that we had backtracked to the area directly behind our neighborhood. Right away, I wondered if there’s a shortcut.

Next time, I should see about asking one of my neighbors to let us through their backyard. So we can save the initial two miles. That certainly would’ve saved us lots of time.

Preston Powerline Trail
Preston Powerline Trail

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East Tiger Mountain Summit Views

At first, we hiked south on Preston Trail in the lower elevation. Then we went turned right on Dwight’s Way. Later at the North Side Railroad Grade junction, we turned left onto a connector trail.

The path later took us onto East Tiger Trail as we continued southeast. Soon, we crossed Preston Railroad Trail at 2400′. Then the path made its way south toward the summit.

East Tiger Trail

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East Tiger Mountain Views

East Tiger summit appeared to be a mountain bikers playground. On the way up, we had passed several of them as well. The weather grew warmer even before we reached the top.

Here a radio facility marked the forested summit. Unfortunately, other than the south, trees had largely blocked views in other directions. But I could still see Mount Rainier, the only attraction.

East Tiger Mountain radio facility
East Tiger Mountain radio facility

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It was becoming uncomfortably hot. So we stayed just long enough to take some photos. Then we went back into the shade and down the mountain right afterward.

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