2017/2/25 – Roaring Ridge II / 咆哮脊之二

Next stop, true summit

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Somehow the “mostly sunny” weather forecast never showed up. Instead, the day was replaced with nonstop daytime flurries and evening snow showers. I was hoping to get some decent views like what we had during our first trip four years ago.

After a super late arrival at Exit 54, pups and I started hiking at a quarter to noon. Since I didn’t park in the general ski parking area, I missed the no-dog on groomed trails signs. But to be out of the way of skiers, we went cross-country west Cold Creek Road for a while. Eventually we got back down on the road by Mill Creek right before junction with Road 115. While going cross-country I broke the bindings on one of the snowshoes.

Shortly after crossing Cold Creek by the power lines, I strapped on snowshoes and ascended north slopes. Somewhere in the forest I came across old ski tracks and followed them in the direction of the ridge. Since it had been snowing all morning, the higher we went the more snow we encountered. Rather than helping me through fresh powder, the broken snowshoe slowed me down significantly on steep terrain. It also didn’t too work well together with the good one, as I tried hard to keep it inline with my foot every other step.

Snow came down harder on the summit, with occasional views down toward Keechelus Lake area. We stayed just long enough to get some photos before heading back down.

Gear: snowshoes, ice ax

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