Roaring Ridge by Mount Catherine via Hyak Summit East / 咆哮脊

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Roaring Ridge by Mount Catherine is a double-peaked summit west of Keechelus Lake and south of Snoqualmie Pass. In the years past, the southeast peak housed several lookout towers. The removal of the last structure took place as late as 1968.

Roaring Ridge's actual summit in the middle
Roaring Ridge’s actual summit in the middle

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Roaring Ridge at a Glance

Access: End of Rampart Drive
Round Trip: 8 miles
Elevation Range: 2600′-4988′
Gear: snowshoes, ice ax
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Exit 54 (Hyak & Gold Creek)

Somehow the “mostly sunny” forecast never came. Instead, the steady flurries and evening snow showers filled much of the day. But I kept my hopes up for decent views like four years ago.

We arrived at Exit 54 pretty late today. Then the pups and I started hiking at a quarter to noon. Since I didn’t park in the ski parking, I wasn’t aware of the no-dog policy on groomed trails.

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Cold Creek Road

But to be out of the way of skiers, we went into the forest next to Cold Creek Road. Then we went back onto the road at Mill Creek before crossing Road 115. But not before I broke the bindings on one snowshoe.

Shortly, we crossed Cold Creek by the power lines. Then I put on snowshoes and went up the northern slopes. I later came across old ski tracks in the forest and followed them toward the ridge.

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First-World Problem

It has been snowing all morning, with more snow higher on the hills. Sadly, the broken snowshoe wasn’t much help in the fresh powder. Instead, it slowed me down quite a bit.

Somehow I thought the other snowshoe would be good enough to help keep a good pace. But I ended up spending more time trying to straighten the broken shoe so I could keep going.

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Roaring Ridge Summit and Out

The snow came down even harder later on the summit. Occasionally, we were able to see parts of Keechelus Lake. But the next-door Mount Catherine was not visible at all.

By then, I was in no mood to check out the northwest peak. So we only stayed long enough for our selfies before leaving. Perhaps we’ll go back another time when the weather is decent again.

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