Mount Catherine by Snoqualmie Pass / 靠史諾夸米山道的凱瑟琳山

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Mount Catherine has it all. The breathtaking views, the minimal elevation gain. Plus, easy access from the freeway. Not to mention that it makes for a quick getaway when daylight is of the essence.

Kodak moment on Mount Catherine
Kodak moment on Mount Catherine

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Mount Catherine at a Glance

Access: Mount Catherine Trailhead
Round Trip: 3 miles
Elevation Range: 3820′-5052′
Gear: microspikes
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

The Preface

I had first planned a hike up to Mount Gardner. But the road closure would add five extra miles of walking. So it forced me to look someplace else. Then the dogs and I went farther east out to Mount Catherine.

A couple of inches of new snow were on the ground. But glad I could drive up to the trailhead this time. The three parked cars down the road reminded me of our initial attempt back in 2009.

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Mount Catherine Summit

On the way up, we saw one hiker as he made his way down the mountain. Then we met another man when we reached the summit. Hard to believe there weren’t more people here.

But the weather turned out better than the forecast. Thank god! The pups and I spent half an hour at the top. So we could enjoy the sunshine and take photos.

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Afterward, we went back to the car. Strangely, we never saw anyone else. I could have done away without the microspikes. But there wasn’t yet enough powder to snowshoe.

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