2015/1/10 – Mission Peak / 使命峯

Clara Lake

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Liberty Beehive Road (NF9712) appeared to be closed for the season as the gate was up and there was enough snow piled up in front of the gate to keep vehicles out. Instead, I parked the car at the ski resort and took the trail to Clara and Marion Lakes.

The trail was mostly covered in ice from the trailhead to Clara Lake, so micropikes came in quite handy for this section. Upon arriving at the lake the trail was then mostly covered in snow just past the trail junction, and the trail leading to Marion Lake soon disppeared. As soon as I started to posthole I switched to snowshoes and scrambled for the remainder of the trip. Mostly crusty snow made breaking trail that much more exhausting.

It started to get windy around 6400 feet and all the way to the summit, and it made the last 400 feet a bit uncomfortable. Luckily there were some big summit rocks for us to get out of the windy during our stay. Mostly cloudy to the west with occasional breaks in the clouds. Low clouds to the east hovering over the entire Wenatchee and the Columbia River corridor, so no view into the city.

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