2012/1/14 – Guye Peak / 蓋峯

Standing just under 5,200’, Guye Peak looked like a piece of cake. That may be the case in the summer months, but not on this day of snow and wind.

Shortly after leaving the Alpental ski area and going up the slope, I found some old snowshoe tracks that seemed to be leading toward the junction. I followed the tracks for a while before they disappeared just before the junction. The wind grew stronger and the snow continued to fall as I tried to find my way to the upper meadows. The  upper meadows is where I left the trail to Snoqualmie Mountain behind and headed south toward Guye Peak.

On a clear day, Guye Peak would probably be in full view from the meadows. After descending down to the col between the meadows and Guye, I ran into two hikers having lunch east of the col to doge the wind. They had come up from the Commonwealth Basin side on crampons and ice axes. From this point, it was just a matter of following the ridge line and climbing straight up to the summit. A couple of tricky spots to maneuver through but that was about it.

The summit was extremely windy without views. But shortly after I arrived, about half of the clouds miraculously dissipated, which allowed me to take some quick photos of Alpental and Cave Ridge. There was no in fighting the wind on the summit to set up my camera for a self portrait, so I got down about 100 feet to get away from the wind, the snow continued to fall.

Got back down to the ski area just before dark.

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