2015/5/24 – Little Tahoma / 小塔荷瑪

Hello beautiful
Hello beautiful

Photos from this trip can be found here.

My climbing season opener! I’ve been wanting to check the peak off my list and it finally happened. Early season so snow conditions weren’t too ideal. Plus Altitude sickness right around 10K elevation, like the times before on Camp Muir and on Mount Adams at Lunch Counter.

Snow started just before getting up to Summerland but it wasn’t as slushy, so crampons sufficed. We put on snowshoes just past Meany Crest and used them through Fryingpan Glacier all the way to top of the steep snow slope above Whitman Glacier upon reaching the exposed rocks.

The final scramble was my favorite part, and we made it to the true summit without any issues. Glad the clouds stayed low this day so we could enjoy views all around. On the way down we checked out the master suit camp spot again, thought how nice it would have been if we would have spent the night and it could have been ours to enjoy.

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