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2018/5/27 – Wallaby Peak / 小袋鼠峯

After yesterday’s trip to McLeod Mountain, pup and I car camped near Washington Pass to get in another climb the next day.

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2018/5/26 – McLeod Mountain + Environs / 麥克勞德山+周圍地區

Officially kicked off my summer peakbagging endeavors on this Memorial Day weekend.

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2017/5/28 – Louis Peak + Mount Gibbs / 路易斯峯+吉布斯山

Pup and I got a restful night at the South Creek Campground after yesterday’s outing.

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2017/5/27 – Camels Hump / 駱駝峰

It had been a great summer with ever so gorgeous weather.

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2016/5/30 – Nursery Peak / 幼兒峯

Photos from this trip can be found here. The peak had been on my back-burner list, a great vantage point to…

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2016/5/28 – Monument Coulee IV / 豐碑深谷之四

All photos from this trip can be found here. Our fourth trip in this coulee, and the landscape continued to fascinate…

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2015/5/24 – Little Tahoma / 小塔荷瑪

Altitude sickness right around 10K elevation, like the times before on Camp Muir and on Mount Adams at Lunch Counter.

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2015/5/23 – Sourdough Gap / 拓荒者缺口

I used this trip as an opportunity to check out crevasse conditions on Little Tahoma before the trip.

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2013/5/27 – St’auk Mountain / 史多克山

Little did I know that this bump next to Barlow Pass was a mountain. It’s easy to overlook it when…

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2013/5/25 – Sentinel Mountain / 哨兵山

Surprise! Another rainy weekend in the Cascades. I’m always amazed by how different the weather can be between the two…