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2018/12/15 – Florence Peak + Sweet Peak / 芙蘿倫絲峯+甜美峯

I first took notice of the two peaks while climbing Burnt Mountain across the Carbon River Valley.

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2018/11/12 – Crystal Peak + Chinook Peak / 水晶峯+契努克峯

Saturday snow level along the Highway 2 corridor was around 3,000′; today the first patch of snow appeared just above 5,000′.

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2018/9/8 – Corteo Peak / 寇特歐峯

Corteo Peak hadn’t always been on the radar despite having taken notice from various mountaintops over the years.

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2018/8/18-20 – Fisher Slam / 費雪滿貫

Highway 20 felt very much like a ghost town on my drive to Easy Pass Trailhead.

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2018/8/4-6 – Mount Terror / 驚駭山

Getting to base camp with good route finding skills, one can certainly enjoy the views abound without ever leaving camp.

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2018/6/17-18 – Horsemans Pack + Environs / 騎士包+周圍地區

Ever since my trip to Snowfield Peak three years ago, I had been itching to come back for some of the other peaks in the area.

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2018/5/2 – Crystal Mountain / 水晶山

All the years of staring at Crystal Mountain (aka Silver King) from across the basin, we finally got the chance to pay a visit.

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2018/3/31 – Oakes Peak / 奧克斯峯

I first took notice of Oakes Peak from the summit of Damnation Peak, first high point I climbed between Goodall and Bacon Creek drainages.

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2017/7/29-8/6 – Northern Picket Traverse / 橫貫北尖樁

Picket traverse = Mount Challenger + Phantom Peak + Crooked Thumb Peak

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2017/5/21 – Damnation Peak / 詛咒峯

This area between Goodell and Bacon Creek drainages I’d not explored yet driven past numerous times on Highway 20.