Silver Peak by Humpback Mountain and Annette Lake / 銀峯

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Silver Peak by Humpback Mountain towers over Annette Lake south of Interstate 90. It places before Meadow Mountain as the highest point between Snoqualmie Pass and Green River. Moreover, spectacular views and closeness to the freeway make it a hiker’s favorite.

Silver Peak awaits
Silver Peak awaits

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Silver Peak at a Glance

Access: I-90 @ Exit 47
Round Trip: 10 miles
Elevation Range: 1900′-5605′
Gear: snowshoes, ice ax
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: with guidance

Annette Lake Trail

Snow and ice have kept most vehicles parked right off Exit 47 today. We were the first group here with enough room for four cars to park in the open area. Avalanche danger was moderate, but the 24-30 mph wind in the day’s forecast was concerning.

Soon, we walked to Annette Lake Trailhead and proceeded to hike the trail. Glad that others have carved out a path recently. We went to about the halfway mark to the lake before leaving the pathway and up the west slopes.

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Silver Peak North Basin

Even with everyone taking turns to make a path, it took a while to go up the west face. Soon as we reached the north basin, the wind gusts started and stayed with us up to the summit.

At first, we wanted to traverse the northwest crest. But we gave up that idea quickly after feeling the heavy gusts from the ridgeline. Everyone was having trouble moving forward as the snow blasted constantly.

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Northwest Ridge Route

So we went with the other option of staying in the basin with less wind. Then when it was doable, we went on the northwest ridge at 5300’. The southeast wind persisted, but we avoided it by traversing below the crest above Annette Lake.

But the wind soon picked up again after we went over the notch below the summit. The final 100′ was the worst, so awful that we could barely hear one another. It wasn’t a cold day, but the wind chill had worsened it.

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Silver Peak Summit Plus Exit

At last, everyone, including the dogs, made it to the top safely! But we didn’t stay long before going down in the wind gusts. Views were excellent, but I could only tolerate the wind long enough to grab a few photos.

The pups and I later stopped on the ridge for some photos and then caught up to the group. Balaclava, mittens, snowshoes, and spikes were essential on this trip. Glad I had brought all of them with me!

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