2015/12/5 – Goose Lake Plateau II / 鵝湖高原之二

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Upper Goose Lake

Photos from this trip can be found here.

I parked half mile south of Frog Lake & Marsh Loop Trailheads and started traversing eastward. A dusting of snow in the area, no traction device was used.

Last time pups and I visited Lower Goose Lake, and made north end of lake the turned-around point to head back out west. This time, we meandered our way through coulee beds until reaching southwestern corner of Upper Goose Lake, then walked halfway up along the lake and stopped at the highest point. The lake was beautiful and pretty long that I couldn’t see its entirety from where we were standing.

A good point to turnaround it was beginning to get dark. We headed southward and eventually met up with our route to head westward out to the car.

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