Mount Margaret by Rampart Ridge / 靠壁壘脊的瑪格麗特山

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Mount Margaret was an excellent spot for views. It was our second time here after the initial attempt two years ago. But this time, we made it up to the top!

Mount Margaret from the south ridge
Mount Margaret from the south ridge

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Mount Margaret at a Glance

Access: Gold Creek Sno-Park (NF-4832)
Round Trip: 8 miles
Elevation Range: 2480′-5560′
Gear: microspikes, snowshoes
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: with guidance

Road 4832

The goal for this trip was to seek sunshine and solitude. I knew we wouldn’t see many people here. But I didn’t expect to see or hear the bazillion snowmobiles on the roadways.

On the way in, we walked the road up to the junction with Road 136. Then I decided that it was best to go cross-country. So we could avoid the bulk of the snow activities in the area.

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Mount Margaret South Ridge

Later we made tracks up through the western slopes. So we were just south of Wolfe Creek. We’d occasionally see a snowmobile or two. But most of them were on the roadways.

Eventually, we made it up to Point 5165’s north saddle. Then we moved north on Mount Margaret’s south ridge. Glad the snow condition was stable enough to plow through it more efficiently.

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Summit Plus Views

I sometimes would turn to savor the southern scenery. But the forested east didn’t provide many views. At least not until we reached the top later.

The summit trees kept out most views to the west and the north. So views in those directions were spotty. But on a clear day, one could perhaps see Mount Adams in the distant south.

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We intersected snowshoes tracks earlier on the ridgeline. They came up from the ridge north of Wolfe Creek. It looked like many people also had made use of the beaten path in recent weeks.

Later we used those tracks to go back down. They’d still be around before the next snowfall. It looked like many snowmobiles were in the meadow earlier. But glad we never saw them.

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We continued down the mountain until we were south of Rocky Run. Then we made it back onto Road 4832 and finished the rest of the trip.

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