2011/12/24 – Keechelus Ridge / 凱契拉斯脊

Read about Keechelus Ridge somewhere a while ago and decided to tackle it today. There were only a few cars when we arrived at the parking lot, a couple of of which had a snowmobile hitch. Apparently I had forgotten that this was a snowmobilers’ haven in winter. The minute we started hiking I could hear the snowmobiles in the distance.

In fear of the running into snowmobilers with the dogs being unleashed, we took shortcuts through the woods to avoid them. When we got to the ridge with the relay radio tower, we were greeted by none other than three snowmobilers. I talked to them for a bit before they headed to other parts of the mountain. Shortly after they left, two more groups of snowmobilers showed up at the ridge. It might as well have been a snowmobile’s camp meeting.

Thank goodness we didn’t run into any more snowmobiles on the road on our way back to the car.

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