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2018/12/25 – Poo Poo Point III / 普普點之三

Today I took the pup up to Poo Poo Point where he visited for the first time.

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2017/12/26 – Surprise Lake VI / 驚喜湖之六

Due to a higher chance of snowfall in the mountains on Christmas Day, we postponed our trip to today.

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2017/12/25 – Oyster Dome IV / 牡蠣巨蛋之四

With more snow in the forecast today, I stayed west of the Cascades and resorted to another one of our Puget Sound area off-season go-to places.

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2017/12/24 – Goose Lake Plateau III / 鵝湖高原之三

The area had more snow when we last visited two Decembers ago. Temperature reading of 17°F at the start of the hike, felt much colder than being in higher elevations in the mountains.

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2017/12/23 – Oakes Creek / 奧克斯溪

Bacon Creek Road (NF-1060) was clear of obstacles and with a dusting of snow beyond the first mile.

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2016/12/25 – Surprise Lake V / 驚喜湖之五

Last Christmas we turned around at mile 2.5 after spending hours swimming in fresh powder while breaking trail.

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2016/12/24 – Green Mountain IV / 綠山之四

Today we followed the 30% chance snow forecast to Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley.

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2015/12/26 – Snow Lake Trail II / 雪湖小道之二

Judging by other reports, my guess is that no one actually made it to the lake today.

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2015/12/25 – Surprise Lake Trail IV / 驚喜湖小道之四

Snowshoes were working in overdrive from the car all the way to the our turnaround point at 2.5 miles.

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2015/12/24 – Road 7315 / 7315號小路

  Road 73 was covered in slush when I made the turnoff from Highway 410, and barely made it  Skookum…