2011/11/10 – Labyrinth Mountain / 迷宮山

Kodak moment on Labyrinth Mountain
Kodak moment on Labyrinth Mountain

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Labyrinth Mountain is supposedly good for days when there isn’t enough time to spare. But if you add the driving time to the trailhead and back plus the time it takes to summit, it isn’t that much shorter time wise compared to nearby peaks that are longer by a few miles.

Getting to Minotaur Lake was not a problem since the trail hadn’t been completely buried in the snow. The slope was steep alright, a great workout in itself. Again, I used spikes for traction once we hit the snow at around 4,000’ all the way to the summit. More snow once we reached the lake, and it was all scramble from that point on.

The lake was covered in thin ice and the ice was slowly melting around the edges as the temperature rose later in the day. To get to the upper meadows, I followed the common scramble route on the east side of the lake. But before I went too far, I took a quick glimpse at Theseus Lake about 500’ below east of the scramble.

Upper meadows had more snow, and the boulders were still visible so every step was taken with extra caution to traverse through them. Once we got on the slope beyond the boulders we traversed northwesterly and straight up to the summit.

It was really windy on the summit and we dodged the wind by crouching behind some big rocks. The weather was awesome all the way.

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