2011/6/17 – Camp Muir / 穆爾營

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Posing with Mount Saint Helens to the south

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Another spontaneous hiking idea by Piotr and my first time at Camp Muir. Luckily I was able to board the dogs the same afternoon and managed to carpooled down to Paradise with my friend. We arrived shortly before 11 PM and started hiking soon afternoon.

This was my first time hiking in the dark and physically I wasn’t feeling all that great. I had originally planned on summiting with my friend, but the high altitude sickness hit me at around 9,000’. It definitely was not safe for me to go on so I opted to stay at the shelters on Camp Muir. My friend, however, was able to get back up after a few hours of snooze and summited the mountain. I believe that was his sixth or seventh time; he’s an old pro.

The time I spent at Camp Muir was quite lovely, lots of photo opps and I got to speak to many climbers. Some people made Muir their final destination while others arrived at the camp in the afternoon and continued to the summit at alpine start.

My friend made it back safe and sound around 1 PM, and shortly after we made our trek back down to Sunrise.

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