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2009/4/19 – Mount Teneriffe / 坦納利弗山

Photos from this trip can be found here. We could have hiked Mount Si on this day. Although the large…

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2009/3/8 – Tiger Mountain (West Tiger 3) / 虎山 (西虎3號)

Photos from this trip can be found here. Spring won’t officially start for another two weeks, but I was already…

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2008/11/23 – Red Mountain / 紅山

We continued our exploration of the I-90 corridor before moving onto other areas.

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2008/11/15 – Snoqualmie Mountain / 史諾夸米山

Last week we didn’t hike because it rained all weekend.

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2008/11/1 – Silver Peak / 銀峯

We didn’t give up on the idea of hiking Silver Peak. Two weeks later we went back to the Snoqualmie…

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2008/10/25 – Melakwa Lake / 梅拉克沃湖

The hike was recommended by a friend. Surprisingly, the weather started out cloud but then turned sunny when we got…

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2008/10/18 – Pacific Crest Trail / 太平洋屋脊步道

I pulled off at the wrong exit and ended up hiking over Summit West ski area.

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2008/10/11 – McClellan Butte / 麥克勒蘭孤峯

Working our way along the I-90 corridor. Without driving too far, naturally this was next our the list. Kelly and…

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2008/10/5 – Weden Creek Trail / 維登溪小道

A coworker posted some nice pictures on his Facebook profile page from this hike so I decided to give it a try.

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2008/9/27 – Bandera Mountain / 旗山

Recently found out about the WTA site and saw this one right next to Granite Mountain.