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2018/7/21 – Goat Slam / 山羊滿貫

Hot weather and the unlikelihood of finding a water source on the ridge had me rethink our plan.

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2018/7/14-15 – Napeequa Slam / 納比夸滿貫

Pup and I hiked the Buck Creek Trail four years ago on the way to climbing Buck Mountain.

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2018/7/4-7 – Diamond Slam + Environs / 鑽石滿貫+周圍地區

Pup and I used rest of this week to explore the area hugely affected by the 2017 Diamond Creek Fire.

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2018/7/1 – Mount Daniel II (Middle + Main Summits) / 丹尼爾山之二 (中峯+主峯)

This finally happened eight years after our initial attempt! Nice to revisit and cross the mountain off my redo list.

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2018/6/30 – Chumstick Mountain / 強史提克山

In preparation for next day’s climb, pup and I headed to this one of our back burner list destinations east of the mountains.

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2018/6/23-24 – Glory Slam / 榮耀滿貫

First backpacking trip with the pup this season and Pasayten was calling our names!

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2018/6/17-18 – Horsemans Pack + Environs / 騎士包+周圍地區

Ever since my trip to Snowfield Peak three years ago, I had been itching to come back for some of the other peaks in the area.

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2018/6/9 – Bearjack Ridge (E+W Peaks) / 大熊傑克脊 (東峯+西峯)

While views weren’t nearly as grandiose as those on the neighboring higher points to the north, lots solitude was to be had.

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2018/6/6 – Kendall Peak / 肯多峯

For some reason my friend and I never summited this peak despite being only a couple hundred feet shy of the top.

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2018/6/2-3 – Holliway Mountain / 霍利威山

We accessed this tucked away high point by using the same initial approach for Mount Hardy.