Squak Mountain State Park by Tiger Mountain in Issaquah Alps / 斯夸克山

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Squak Mountain State Park lies west of Tiger Mountain and east of Cougar Mountain. Lake Sammamish in the Issaquah Alps sits across the northern foothills. Moreover, entrances around the peak offer direct access to this notable hiking spot.

Squak Mountain State Park summit radio towers
Squak Mountain State Park summit radio towers

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Squak Mountain State Park at a Glance

Access: Bullitt Fireplace Trailhead (park info)
Round Trip: 5.6 miles
Elevation Range: 700′-2024′
Essential Gear: none
GPS Track: available
Dog-friendly: yes
Playlist: Dark

Rediscovering the State Park in Issaquah Alps

Only after this trip did I realize the bulk of Squak Mountain was inside a state park. I’ve apparently been living under a rock since moving to Issaquah several years ago. But after my first visit in December 2920, I was happy to revisit the place.

I covered the south side alone the first time. But this time, with a dog, we started from the north trailhead. My gut told me there would be less foot traffic, likely with fewer people. But that’s only if we started earlier rather than later in the day.

Bullitt Fireplace Trailhead
Bullitt Fireplace Trailhead

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Squak Mountain State Park North Route

A man and his two dogs came out right as we started walking in the low 20s, freezing weather. Soon, a runner passed us before the first of many trail forks. With multiple route options, the goal was to take the most direct one while still early.

Despite being off course twice after taking the unmapped trails, we eventually got on Central Peak Trail. Soon, Bullitt Fireplace Trail brought us onto the ridgetop above the old fireplace. We skipped it since I’d seen the feature last time.

A dusting of snow inside Squak Mountain State Park
A dusting of snow inside the state park

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Ridge Trail to Summit Radio Towers

The radio towers stood above the road beyond the summit ridgeline. The mountain was low in altitude, so we saw only a dusting of fresh snow. Perhaps it was the low teens’ wind chill, but no one came by during our half-hour stay.

Looping back via Old Griz, it quickly dropped 600′ to the Eastside Trail. We then retraced down the mountain from the main trail past the fork. Soon, a dozen hikers appeared right before we reached the trailhead. Whew!

Issaquah Highlands to the north
Issaquah Highlands to the north

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