2016/10/16 – Billy Clapp Lake II / 比利克拉普湖之二

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Billy Clapp Lake shoreline
Billy Clapp Lake shoreline

All photos from this trip can be found here.

Our second trip, and this time we went as far as the power lines northwest corner of the lake. Views were also better than the first trip, with view into Summer Falls State Park one mile west at top of the lake.

Parking lot looked eerily empty when pups and I got in. Perhaps end of boating season and dipping in temperature had kept people away. We followed the same trail as before and hiked along the lake shore. A couple short stretches of sandy/muddy beaches in the beginning and both were easily accessible.

Where the Lake took a turn heading northwestward was also the start of basalt cliffs with rolling terrain. We then moved closer inland and meandered through several plateaus to near top of the lake and made that our final destination. Only a section of the lake was visible there, but views to the north were great. However, power lines at the finish weren’t exactly what I’d call getting in touch with nature.

It was really quite except the occasional bird chirping overhead; the lake was also very calm. We started heading out before sunset and followed our track back to the car.

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