High Hut via Mount Tahoma Trails in Tahoma State Forest / 高屋

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High Hut via Mount Tahoma Trails perches atop Mineral Creek in Tahoma State Forest. It’s also near the boundary with Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Meanwhile, Elbe Hills State Forest sits north across the Nisqually River.

Leaving High Hut
Leaving High Hut

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High Hut at a Glance

Access: 1 Road upper Sno-Park
Round Trip: 7.5 miles
Elevation Range: 2960′-4743
Gear: none
Route Info: Joanne Najdzin
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes
Playlist: Hopeful

Tahoma State Forest by Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Tahoma State Forest is a hot spot for winter activities. But, after researching, I decided not to visit the area in the winter due to its popularity. Instead, we came here as the weekend forecast forced me to ditch my backpacking plan.

The forest is notable for the fee-free trail system and the four huts. Copper Creek Hut is the most accessible but farthest away from the other three. All of them are available for overnight stays through reservations.

Future forest of Mount Tahoma Forest
Future Forest of Mount Tahoma Forest

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High Hut Atop Anderson Lake by National Lookout

The half dozen cars in the lot meant people were staying on top. Despite many photo stops, the 3.5 miles to the ridgetop went by in the blink of an eye. But the views en route were mainly of trees as dense clouds remained in the valleys.

The group of eight was starting their day when we reached the misty summit. It turned out they all met through a women’s hiking group. Everyone spoiled the dogs with perhaps the most attention they’d received from all our hikes.

The ladies we met at the top
The ladies we met at the top

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Leaving Tahoma State Forest

We spent a long time on top, waiting out the clouds, hoping for views. Meanwhile, I checked out the inside of the two-level building with a full kitchen and a fireplace! The clouds shifted somewhat but never lifted to show Mount Rainier.

After the visit, we dropped onto the east ridge and looped through Ben Jones Loop. The lower road had open views of Snow Bowl Hut and Griffin Mountain. Soon, it was an unexciting walk from the fork down to the gate.

Snow Bowl Hut from the road
Snow Bowl Hut from the road

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