2016/9/10 – Higher Squire / 高思奎爾

Squire Creek Pass lineup
Squire Creek Pass lineup

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Amazing many of these obscure peaks in Inner Mountain Highway area have taken us on roads or trails I never knew existed. While Mr. Cooper continued to recover at home, Mr. Cody and I continued or exploration in the Boulder River Wilderness.

On the way to our destination I noticed a couple of people climbing up a big, beautiful slab wall on the left side. Perhaps I should come back and try it out sometime. Pup and I didn’t need to make it all the way to the pass, so we took a left at the first opening out of the forest and started scrambling to look for a good place to attain the northeast ridge.

Ridge was woodsier and bushier than expected, and we had to get around a few ribs to finally be on the ridge. Final scramble to the summit was a bit rocky but doable with some veggie belay and a few good holds.

Weather wasn’t terrible, just that clouds seemed to have decided to congregate around Three Fingers, so I never got a glimpse of the three summits. Whitehorse Mountain, on the other hand, was in and out of clouds but visible most of the time. Looking over to Jumbo Mountain, still could not believe pups actually made it up with me.

Helena Peak dominated eastern skyline, with many notable big mountains behind her in the distance. A bit woodsy and cloudy on the south side, so not much to see there.

On the way down we made a stop on Squire Creek Pass and got a closer look at the big mountains before getting back on the trail. Two guys we saw climbing the slab wall earlier were just packing up when we stopped briefly and chatted about the route.

It didn’t get completely dark until just before we got back to the trailhead.

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