2016/5/14 – Westberg Trail III / 西堡小道之三

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Kittitas Valley from trail
Kittitas Valley from trail

All photos from this trip can be found here.

Weather wasn’t good this weekend and forecast kept getting worse by the hour. Even east of the Cascades got its fair share of the weekend’s precipitation. After our plan in Teanaway foiled and getting to plan B was going to take more time than anticipated, we found ourselves back at the Westberg Trail two years later since our previous visit. The 5 PM start was probably our latest ever, and I kept my fingers crossed for the rain to come later, or at least until after we got up to the lookout.

Only a handful of cars at the parking area when we arrived. Once we got on the trail we past a couple of groups that were on the way back to the parking lot. Pups and I followed the trail to the section of the ridge where it started to taper off before we started scrambling up to Manastash Ridge east of the memorial site. It started to drizzle just as we got onto the ridge.

After taking some photos on the ridge the rain started to come down harder. It wasn’t pouring by any means, but enough to get us soaked. Glad I brought rain gear so it didn’t feel as miserable. Pups and I made our way up to the memorial site, took a quick break before we started to head back down. On the way back we took the trail directly below the lookout, got onto the ridge just west of the one we came up on to get a little more distance out of the usual 4-mile hike.

It continued to rain after we got back to the car.

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