2016/1/14 – Oyster Dome III / 牡蠣巨蛋之三

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Sunset over Puget Sound
Sunset over Puget Sound

All photos from this trip can be found here.

With the amount of foot traffic this place usually gets, my impression is that unless one shows up before dawn or after dusk, this would not be the place to seek solitude. The hike is quite easily accessible to say the least, and the views at the lookout on a decent weather day will draw day hikers near and far no matter day of the week.

Due to last-minute planning and the need to be in Bellingham later in the evening, the pups and I resorted to this spot just so we could be done on time. There was only one parking spot open near the trailhead on Chuckanut Drive for parking. It was definitely a good time albeit late to start hiking, as most of the earlier starters were making their way back down before we reached the top.

A few down trees and some muddy spots along the way, but the trail remained snow-free. Steeper section below the Lily Lake/Oyster Dome junction was a tad slippery, but overall trail was in great conditions. Three to four parties at the lookeout area when we arrived and a few more small parties showed up after us. It was generally quiet and much enjoyable than the times before.

Views into Puget Sound were beautiful like always, sunny and warm the whole time. After staying a couple of hours to catch the sunset, we made our exit down the mountain in the dark.

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