2015/4/5 – Stormy Mountain / 暴風雨山

Summit bound
Summit bound

Photos from this trip can be found here.

To make yesterday’s 2.5-hour drive from Seattle to Teanaway worthwhile, I decided to stay east of the mountains and seek out a new hiking spot. After going through some trip reports in the Leavenworth/Wenatchee area, we set off for Entiat River Valley for the better weather outlook. The pups and I car camped a few miles before the Entiat River Road/NF-55 junction to get an early start.

Judging from the layout of the service road along the ridges, the most logical place to start scrambling looked to be the southwest ridge. I also remember seeing that approach in one of the reports I read. I drove to about 3360′, parked the car by the big bend around the ridge, and started hiking.

After about a couple hundred feet through short shrubs, I noticed there was a faint boot path and decided to follow it. The path was inline with the ridge, exactly the way we were aiming. It was interesting to see lots of abandoned service roads covered in overgrown and small trees, and of course none of which showed up on my maps. Some areas along the ridge were brushy, but there were always ways to get around them, so no bushwhacking nightmares on this trip.

The elevation gain was fairly gradual, with steeper terrain in a couple of places, 4600′ to 5000′ and 5600′ to 6400′. Snow level was at 6000′ and we attained the northwest ridge at around 6600′. Just past that point we postholed in the first 100 and the final 100 feet, glad I left my snowshoes in the car this time. For the most part the snow was nicely packed so I didn’t break out my microspikes.

Clouds stayed high so we had fairly nice views. Peaks in the direction of Glacier Peak were less visible due to low clouds (or higher peaks?) rolling in and out of the area. After spending way longer time than expected at the top, we descended the same way we came up from.

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