Buckhorn Mountain in the Olympic Mountains / 奧林匹克山脈裏的鹿角山

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Above the scenic Marmot Pass stands the double-peaked Buckhorn Mountain. It’s also one of the more accessible peaks in the area because of an established trail. But the lesser foot traffic makes it an attractive destination among climbers.

The windy Buckhorn Mountain
The windy Buckhorn Mountain

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Buckhorn Mountain at a Glance

Access: Marmot Pass Trailhead
Round Trip: 13 miles
Elevation Range: 2480′-6988′
Gear: none
GPS track: available

Dog-Friendly: with guidance

En Route to Marmot Pass

Holy moly! Today we encountered the most terrible gusts. I can’t remember the last time we felt this much wind of all the hikes we have done. But it sure was one of the books.

The mist filled the valley when we hiked to Marmot Pass. It was breezy but not too terrible. Then suddenly, it began to howl like crazy the minute we stepped onto the pass.

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Buckhorn Mountain Summit

Later we fought the headwind going up the southwest ridgeline. The thin vegetation couldn’t help to keep us out of the gusts either. But glad Buckhorn Mountain was the closest high point to reach.

The boulders on top provided the much-needed cover. So we stayed behind the rocks during most of our visit. But not before we tried hard to tag the summit while keeping a steady footing.

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I didn’t get to see Mount Townsend as I wanted. But we left the top after a short break. When we went back to the pass, everything died down all of a sudden. It was as if someone had flipped the switch.

It’s one of the few times we’d come to this side of the water. So I wish I could have more time to enjoy the views. But the wind had ultimately killed the mood.

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