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2018/11/25 – Snoqualmie Mountain V / 史諾夸米山之五

Today pup and I finished off our Thanksgiving week hiking streak on one of my favorite mountains by Snoqualmie Pass.

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2018/11/24 – Icicle Ridge III / 冰柱脊之三

While waiting for mountain pass conditions to improve, yellow pup and I spent another day out east.

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2018/11/23 – Rooster Comb II + Saddle Rock IV / 公雞冠之二+馬鞍岩之四

After seeing the late arrival of rain in the forecast, I figured we go for a walk in the city.

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2018/11/22 – Northrup Canyon / 諾斯拉普峽谷

We left for Eastern Washington early this morning but didn’t get over Snoqualmie Pass before the snowfall.

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2018/11/20 – Norse Peak V / 諾爾斯峯之五

In an effort to avoid the potentially dire Thanksgiving weather, I decided to move our pilgrimage to the peak ahead by two days.

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2017/11/25 – Greenway Mountain II / 格林威山之二

Staying close to home and taking advantage of the rain after 4 PM forecast, pup and I set off to this oldie

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2017/11/24 – Norse Peak IV / 諾爾斯峯之四

Crystal Mountain Boulevard was clear of snow and ice despite low morning temperatures, no problem getting to the gated Gold Hill Road

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2017/11/23 – Saddle Rock III / 馬鞍岩之三

Even east of the mountains couldn’t escape the rain. Mission-Naneum Ridges were still in clouds when we pulled into Wenatchee

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2016/11/27 – Diamond Head II / 鑽石頭之二

Last I checked the weather forecast, nearly the entire Cascades was getting snow most of the day.

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2016/11/25 – Thorp Mountain II / 索普山之二

Hard to believe six years had already passed since our first visit on this mountain.