Dog Mountain by Goat Mountain / 靠山羊山的狗山

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Dog Mountain stands above Lennox Creek. At its southern foothills also lies the Taylor River Valley. The mountain’s animal neighbors include Goat Mountain, Bare (Bear) Mountain, and Rooster Mountain (The Ark).

Dog Mountain overlooking Middle Fork Snoqualmie
Dog Mountain overlooking Middle Fork Snoqualmie

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Dog Mountain at a Glance

Access: NF-5700-1
Round Trip: 9 miles
Elevation Range: 2120′-5408′
Gear: none

GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Road 5700-1

Our trip began at the end of Road 5700-1. It’s only another half a mile past the Bare Mountain Trailhead. But the brush has long overtaken most of the old roadbed.

My initial plan was to climb Morpheus. It’s also a high point at the halfway mark between here and Cascade Mountain. But our 11 AM start, plus the shorter daylight, made the goal unrealistic.

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Dog Mountain Summit Views

We started from the north side of the mountain. So naturally, it didn’t see much sun, if at all, until later in the day. Parts of the trail in the shade were also under the ice from standing water and tiny streams.

Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley gave the best view. Then there was Mount Rainier looming in the distant south. Despite the haze, most peaks in the area were still visible.

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Later we went back down the mountain right before sunset.

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  1. laura

    Hello John – Nice pics. We were going to have a go at Dog tomorrow. Do you have a GPS? We’re mostly interested in where one leaves the trail before Andersen Pass to head up to the summit, a lot of folks seem to have trouble with this. Thanks for any info!

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