2014/11/15 – Dog Mountain II / 狗山之二

Middle Fork Snoqualmie River south view

Trailhead, or rather, end of road 5700-1, was just half a mile past the entrance to Bare Mountain. Several old service roads in the area, and most have long been buried under new growth. Original plan was to climb Morpheus. But with a late start and short daylight, figured we’d revisit this mountain instead.

Parts of the trail where sun couldn’t reach were covered with ice formed from standing water and tiny streams.

Best view on this mountain was to the south looking into Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley. Mountain Rainier would loom in the backdground on a good day. Big mountains in the distance were also visible, albeit a little too far to get a better look.

Headed back down the mountain just before sundown.

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