2013/11/2 – Bear Canyon / 熊峽谷

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Kodak moment in Bear Canyon
Kodak moment in Bear Canyon

As long as I can get through November photos by Christmas I will be a happy camper. Man, I was three months behind on my hiking photos and now I’m trying to get through them as fast as I can! It’s December 23rd and I’m halfway through November, I still have faith I can do it!

Grr…another cold and rainy weekend in the Cascades. Looked like another trip out to the east, albeit without a destination in mind. Looked through my desert hikes book and found this one, and it was definitely out of the way for a short hike. Oh well, the sun was better anyway.

Like any of our previous canyon hikes, we stayed just long enough in the canyon before making our way up to the ridge to get some views. There were some roads close to the ridge we were on, and I even spotted a couple of trucks in the distance. Thank god the dogs never took notice.

Even though the sun was out where we were, the wind was blowing incessantly so we didn’t stay in high elevation for long. I let the dogs run around for a while before following the ridge down to the canyon and reconnecting with the trail where we started from.

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