2013/11/3 – Mount Erie / 伊利山

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Kodak moment on Mount Erie
Kodak moment on Mount Erie

Photos from this trip can be found here.

A nice evening hike up Mount Erie via Sugarloaf. With another wet day in the Cascades, I took a gamble with the 30% chance rain weather up north

Sugarloaf, not to be confused with the one in Rio de Janeiro, didn’t get the views that Erie had. Some island views to the east from the summit of Sugarloaf, the rest was either blocked by Erie to the south or by trees in all other directions.

Apparently people could drive up to top of Erie, I only found that out when the t,rail came through the woods and got right next to the road. It was a surprise to see all these parked cars and tourists taking photos on top, woo wee! Luckily everyone stayed at the fenced lookout area while I enjoyed the views of the sound at the top of the rock climbing area.

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