2011/9/24 – South Wedge Mountain / 南楔山

Kodak moment on South Wedge Mountain

South Wedge Mountain situates on the eastern border of The Enchantments. The mountain provides panoramic views of the Lower Enchantments, with limited view of the Upper. Friend and I had been talking about hiking the mountain for for months, but we’ve been putting it off due to snow conditions. The hike came a week after my first visit to The Colchuck/Core area of The Enchantments.

To my surprise, I was able to get my other friend Tan to come along. Meeting at 5 AM to hike isn’t ideal for most, but he was right on the dot! We met Tom and his friend at the Buckboard Cafe in Peshastin at 7 AM for breakfast, then drove to the trailhead and started hiking by 8:30.

What we thought was going to be a scrambled turn out to be a pretty structured hike, with a hikers’ path nearly all the way to the top. The weather was gorgeous to say the least, and the views into The Enchantments were just stunning. Although I didn’t get the chance to walk though Lower Enchantments this season, it was just as rewarding to see the area before the snow hits.

Overall a relaxing hike and a nice break from hitting the slams all summer long. Tom was gracious enough to give Tan and me a lesson on trail navigation with maps and a compass—quite education! We got down to the cars in mid-afternoon, then stopped in Leavenworth for some refreshments.

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