Gardner Slam via Gardner Meadows / 經加德納草原上加德納滿貫

Kodak moment on North Gardner Mountain
Kodak moment on North Gardner Mountain

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Last weekend, I went climbing a few more of the Teanaway 20 peaks. This week, we came back to the Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness two weeks after our previous trip.

The Lowdown on Gardner Slam

Gardner Slam = Gardner Mountain + North Gardner Mountain

Access: Wolf Creek Trailhead
Round Trip: TBD
Elevation Range: 2920′-8956′
Gear: helmet
GPS Track: available


Our last backpacking trip before the starting of fall. So I wanted to tackle both Gardner Mountain and North Gardner Mountain of the Gardner Slam. The weather was gorgeous during the entire trip.

We had to get through countless down trees in the lower parts of the trail. So the approach to camp felt like forever. But we managed to keep ourselves entertained along the way. Surprisingly, no one else came in to climb the mountains this weekend.

En Route to Gardner Meadows

While on our way to camp, I spotted two bear cubs in the river below the trail. The pups didn’t notice, so I quickly leashed them up and immediately left the area. I believe this was our second bear sighting since we started visiting remote places in the Cascades.

We got to camp at dusk, and I couldn’t get a better look at our surroundings. We went to bed right after dinner.

Climbing Gardner Mountains of Garnder Slam

We woke up early the next morning to prepare for the long day ahead. According to the book I have, the climbing for these two mountains should be straightforward. As described, we had zero issues in getting up to Gardner Mountain. The weather was so good that we took a long break here to see all the peaks around us.

From the summit, we then traversed the connecting ridge to North Gardner Mountain. Along the way, we bypassed Point 8487, and that wasn’t too terrible. But the final ridge scramble using existing tracks seemed to take forever. I’d occasionally looked over to Gardner Mountain, and it was getting shorter and shorter. Views were still gorgeous. Other than Black Peak, I couldn’t name the rest of the high points.

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The scramble and the extended ridge traverse completely wore out the dogs. The black pup wasn’t too happy about having to carry out his pack. But I might’ve helped him carry it part of the way.

Our only wildlife sighting on this trip was a group of nine mountain goats. They were down in one of the several gullies below the connecting ridge. They began to move away the minute they saw us.

So long, Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness. We’ll be back to visit you next summer!

See more trip photos here.

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