2013/10/6 – Green Mountain 1689 / 綠山1689

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Kodak moment on Green Mountain 1689
Kodak moment on Green Mountain 1689

Photos from this trip can be found here.

One of the 10 Green Mountains in Washington State. I knew there were a few but didn’t realize there were that many.

Glad to have found this little gem to get in a hike before tonight’s concert on Bainbridge Island. Views of Puget Sound, albeit a little hazy, to the east. Tip of Mount Rainier could be seen sitting directly behind the radio tower. Views in all other directions were obstructed by trees.

On the way down I took a detour and looped around west of the mountain. I got a clear view to the Olympics Mountains including The Brothers and Mount Ellinor. Back at the car a few more groups of people were getting ready to head up the mountain.

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