2011/8/11 – Alta Mountain / 阿爾塔山

Read a couple of reports on NWHikers and decided to do this as a mid-week hike without the dogs. Perfect weather and not too many people on the trail, probably because it was on a Thursday. The trail was pretty tame and uneventful with quite a few blowdowns; passed three parties on the way to the lake. The elevation gain wasn’t noticeable until about quarter of a mile below the lake. That portion of the hike was a workout in itself. Insect repellent wasn’t needed until I got to the lake, and it wasn’t needed at all getting up the ridge and the rest of the way.

The lake was more beautiful than I had pictured; it felt extremely serene. For those who have never been on this hike before, the trail lead all the way to the summit. I thought I’d have to scramble from the ridge and beyond, but that was not the case. Passed another couple on the ridge to the summit, was hoping they’d make it all the way but didn’t. Once at the summit, I was able to see some of the peaks I’ve been on. The west view was somewhat blocked by constant emerging clouds and much of the north was blocked by Chikamin peak and ridge.

Waited 20 minutes for the clouds to the west to dissipate but to no avail, so I went on my merry way back down the mountain after taking all the pictures I needed. There was snow when I got up on the ridge, then it reduced to just patches after getting out of the woods and just before reaching the meadows.

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