2011/8/6-7 – Wish Slam + Gray Peak / 欲望滿貫+灰峯

Kodak moment on Oval Peak
Kodak moment on Oval Peak

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Wish Slam = Star Peak + Courtney Peak + Oval Peak

This was the most exhausting and challenging trip for the pups both physically and mentally. We managed to hike to camp and bagged three peaks on day one and one peak on day two on the way out.

It was another weekend with gorgeous and hot weather. Gray Peak was an option but couldn’t resist after seeing how close it was from Courtney. The dogs and I were already tired after climbing Star and Courtney so we took a power nap on Courtney. We got to Gray summit just as the sun was setting, then got back to camp after dark but was still early.

Oval Peak took the longest to get to being that it was the longest distance of all four peaks we climbed in two days. I must have put the poor dogs through hell as they were ready to lie down and sleep four our group photo on Oval. We couldn’t stay too long at the top because of the heat and the lack of trees for shading.

Good thing we left our backpacks by the junction before heading to Oval. There was no way I or the black lab would be able to carry the backpacks to and back from the peak.

One more slam down!

Access: Wolf Creek Trailhead
Gear: helmet, crampons

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