Seven Fingered Jack My First Bulger Peak / 七指傑克我的最初巴爾杰峯

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Seven Fingered Jack was a surprise find amid recent trip reports. The trip took place after I went checking another big mountain in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Kodak moment on Seven Fingered Jack
Kodak moment on Seven Fingered Jack

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Seven Fingered Jack at a Glance

Access: Phelps Creek Trailhead
Round Trip: TBD
Elevation Range: 3520-9100′
Gear: helmet
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: with guidance

Phelps Creek Trail

I thought Cascade mountains couldn’t get any more impressive. But that was until I reached the Leroy Creek Basin. Then more jaw-dropping views awaited me there.

Everything about this climb felt larger than life. It included the bumpy drive to Phelps Creek Trailhead. Plus, the hike up to Leroy Creek Basin. Not to mention route-finding or going up through the long scree. Glad plenty of cairns were there to lead the way.

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Seven Fingered Jack Summit

The one photo of the head of Entiat River Valley from one trip report stuck with me. I couldn’t get the beautiful, glaciated terrain out of my head. But I had set my mind on seeing it firsthand.

So after many lung breaks and grunts, I made it to the top at last! My reward was the long-awaited view to the east. The airiness and dead silence on top was something I hadn’t experienced before. But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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The occasional squawking from a few hawks circling above made me nervous. Glad I didn’t become their next meal!

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