Cashmere Mountain West Peak in The Enchantments / 羊絨山西峯

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Cashmere Mountain West Peak sits half a mile west of the main summit. The peak is northeast of Windy Pass, which drops to Icicle Creek on the north. Meanwhile, it views the massive Stuart Range on a clear day.

Leaving the west Peak
Leaving the west Peak

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Cashmere Mountain West Peak at a Glance

Access: Eightmile Creek Trailhead
Gear: helmet

The Summary

As with my other hikes, I wish I could have picked a better day. The forecast indicated that the area would be partly cloudy. But that didn’t seem to have applied to the weather in the mountains.

Since I had mistaken the west peak for the actual summit, I’ll need to try again. Hopefully, it’ll be on a clear and sunny day. So I could take full advantage of the stunning views of The Enchantments.

Stuart Range panorama from Windy Pass
Stuart Range panorama from Windy Pass

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