Bulger List

Conceived in the late 1970s, the (unofficial) list comprising Washington State’s 100 highest summits has slowly gained popularity over the years. Seven peaks from the list do not meet the 400-foot prominence criteria as on the Washington State Top 100 Peaks list.

Cathedral Slam + Apex Mountain / 大教堂滿貫+尖端山
Leaving Apex Mountain

Cathedral Slam + Apex Mountain / 大教堂滿貫+尖端山

Leaving Apex Mountain See more trip photos here. The Lowdown on Cathedral Slam Cathedral Slam = Cathedral Peak + Amphitheater Mountain + Remmel Mountain + Windy Peak大教堂滿貫=大教堂峯+競技場山+雷莫山+多風峯 Access: Cathedral Driveway TrailheadRound…

Mesahchie Peak + Katsuk Peak / 莫薩其峯+卡奇克峯

Mesahchie Peak and Katsuk Peak at a Glance Access: Easy Pass TrailheadRound Trip: TBDElevation Range: 3680′-8795′Gear: helmetGPS Track: availableDog-Friendly: no pets Summit delight on Mesahchie Peak See more trip photos here. Summit joy on Katsuk Peak See…

2014/8/17 – Big Snagtooth III / 大斷牙之三

Photos from this trip can be found here. Our Chilliwacks trip curtailed due to poor weather conditions. And with two more days left to spare, I turned to North Cascade for Bulger…

Lago Slam + Blackcap Mountain / 拉戈滿貫+黑蓋山

Blackcap, Osceola, Carru, Lago panoramic view See more trip photos here. The Lowdown on Lago Slam Lago Slam = Osceola Peak + Mount Carru + Mount Lago拉戈滿貫=奥西奥拉峯+卡鲁山+拉戈山 Access: Buckskin Ridge Trailhead…

2013/7/13-14 – Entiat Slam / 恩蒂亞特滿貫

Photos from this trip can be found here. Entiat Slam = Mount Maude + South Spectacle Butte 恩蒂亞特滿貫=莫德山+南奇觀孤峯 Access: Phelps Creek Trailhead Gear: helmet