Conceived in late 1970s, the (unofficial) list comprising Washington State’s 100 highest summits has slowly gained popularity over the years.

Cathedral Slam + Apex Mountain / 大教堂滿貫+尖端山
Leaving Apex Mountain

Cathedral Slam + Apex Mountain / 大教堂滿貫+尖端山

Leaving Apex Mountain See more trip photos here. The Lowdown on Cathedral Slam Cathedral Slam = Cathedral Peak + Amphitheater Mountain + Remmel Mountain + Windy Peak大教堂滿貫=大教堂峯+競技場山+雷莫山+多風峯 Access: Cathedral Driveway TrailheadRound…

Mesahchie Peak + Katsuk Peak / 莫薩其峯+卡奇克峯

Mesahchie Peak and Katsuk Peak at a Glance Access: Easy Pass TrailheadRound Trip: TBDElevation Range: 3680′-8795′Gear: helmetGPS Track: availableDog-Friendly: no pets Summit delight on Mesahchie Peak See more trip photos here. Summit joy on Katsuk Peak See…

2014/8/17 – Big Snagtooth III / 大斷牙之三

Photos from this trip can be found here. Our Chilliwacks trip curtailed due to poor weather conditions. And with two more days left to spare, I turned to North Cascade for Bulger…

Lago Slam + Blackcap Mountain / 拉戈滿貫+黑蓋山

Blackcap, Osceola, Carru, Lago panoramic view See more trip photos here. The Lowdown on Lago Slam Lago Slam = Osceola Peak + Mount Carru + Mount Lago拉戈滿貫=奥西奥拉峯+卡鲁山+拉戈山 Access: Buckskin Ridge Trailhead…

2013/7/13-14 – Entiat Slam / 恩蒂亞特滿貫

Photos from this trip can be found here. Entiat Slam = Mount Maude + South Spectacle Butte 恩蒂亞特滿貫=莫德山+南奇觀孤峯 Access: Phelps Creek Trailhead Gear: helmet

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