Scott Mountain by Devils Mountain via Mount Vernon / 史考特山

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Scott Mountain by Devils Mountain overlooks Ten Lake near Little Mountain Park. Big Lake sits outside the Walker Valley ORV Area below the east. Meanwhile, Mount Vernon, Washington, offers direct access to the peak via Amick Road.

Scott Mountain via Devils Mountain Road
Scott Mountain via Devils Mountain Road

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Scott Mountain at a Glance

Environs = Big Rock + Camano Island High Point

Access: Devils Mountain Road
Round Trip: 9.2 miles
Elevation Range: 80′-1620′
Essential Gear: none
Route Info: Glenn Diller (Scott); Daniel Mick (Camano)
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes
Playlist: Urban

Exploring Big Rock in Mount Vernon

With more time today, we added two nearby places: Big Rock and Camano Island High Point. Judging by the reports, the easily accessible rock was only a mile round trip, so we visited it first thing. It stood above the road and was visible from where we parked.

After walking the trail with blackberry vines, we briefly went up through the slick rock ledges to the top. Despite low clouds, the broad summit offered surrounding views, including Cultus Mountain and Mount Vernon. I glimpsed a sliver of Big Lake before leaving.

North-to-south panorama from Big Rock
North-to-south panorama from Big Rock

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Devils Mountain Road to Scott Mountain

A quick drive south soon took us to the gated Devils Mountain Road. En route to the saddle with Scott Mountain, a dusting of snow appeared past 1400′. I opted for the east, direct approach to avoid private property on the west. However, the traverse sounded unpleasant.

Besides windfalls and salal on the open crest, the brush wasn’t unusual for a sub-2000-foot peak. The faint trail we picked up below the wooded top continued down the west. We checked out the summit well (?) and glimpsed Ten Lake through trees before leaving.

Ten Lake from Scott Mountain's woodsy summit
Ten Lake from Scott Mountain’s woodsy summit

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Camano Island High Point via Ridgeline Trail

Back on the freeway, it was a short drive south to Camano Island. Connor and I started walking from the west of the forest preserve before heading north on Ridgeline Trail. Shortly past Sockeye Run, we continued north onto the defined spur (connector) trail.

The high point was only a quarter of a mile from the turnoff after contending with the brush off-trail. It was hard to discern, so we briefly circled amid down logs and quickly left the area. But before taking off, we continued clockwise to finish the main loop.

Big Lake in Walker Valley
Camano Ridge Preserve west entrance

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