Townsend Mountain by Merchant Peak / 靠莫森特峯的湯森山

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Yesterday, the pups and I made it up to Dixie Peak on our second try. Then today, I ventured into Wild Sky Wilderness and climbed Townsend Mountain. It was also my first time on the Eagle Lake Trail.

Townsend Mountain west ridge
Townsend Mountain west ridge

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Townsend Mountain at a Glance

Access: Eagle Lake Trailhead
Round Trip: TBD
Elevation Range: 3440′-5936′
Gear: helmet
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: with guidance

Townsend Mountain

I came across Townsend Mountain while looking at other peaks in the wilderness. The summit views were so good. They then made me forget about going through the dense brush by Eagle Lake.

So if I had to list out the crux from the trip, then it would be the brushy vegetation. Getting up to Eagle Lake was easy peasy. But going up to the open terrain took more time than I expected.

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Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake was a hidden gem. At the southern shore was a small cabin. There were several people around. But I forgot if they lived there, or if they were just staying short term.

Later, I asked to photograph the inside, and they were okay with it. Then we all talked for a while before I left to climb the mountain.

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Southern Slopes

Once I went past the slide alder, the terrain then expanded. The summit was visible from below. Right away, the old saying “all roads lead to Rome,” came into my head.

So it was just a matter of finding my way up to the ridge. From there, I would then walk up to the top. I could have gone directly up to the summit. But the second option involved being on steeper terrain.

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On the way out, I decided to skip Eagle Lake. But instead, I went straight down the south slopes. It didn’t feel as steep as I had thought. So I could have gone up the mountain that way. Soon, I finished the 2000′ drop.

Once at the bottom, I found a decent spot to cross Eagle Creek. Paradise Meadow was damp and muddy, but it wasn’t terrible. Soon, I climbed up 50′ to the trail and then hiked back out to the car.

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