2013/10/19 – Townsend Mountain / 湯森山

Kodak moment on Townsend Mountain
Kodak moment on Townsend Mountain

Photos from this trip can be found here.

The summit views made me forget all about having to bushwhack around Eagle Lake earlier. That was about the only crux on this entire trip. Getting to Eagle Lake was a piece of cake, but getting around to northeast of the lake…um…not so much.

But once breaking out of the slide alder line everything opened up. The summit was visible so one would just make their own path getting onto the ridge or directly up to the summit. I would recommend the former, as the last portion of the scramble would be a lot steeper if approaching directly from the south face.

I chose to bypass Eagle Lake and headed straight down the south face instead. It saved me lots of bushwhacking time that’s for sure. Amazing how couple thousand feet of elevation went by like a breeze descending this way.

Once reaching the base it was only a matter of finding the appropriate spot to cross Eagle Creek, which was also a piece of cake. The meadows were somewhat damp and muddy but that was also easy to deal with. Gained a couple hundred feet after crossing the creek and reconnected with the trail to get back out.

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