Wiley Slough Trail of Skagit Wildlife Area on Fir Island via Conway / 威利泥沼

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Wiley Slough on Fir Island is part of the larger Skagit Wildlife Area by Conway in Mount Vernon. Activities in the area range from hiking, bird watching, fishing, and hunting, depending on the season. Then over the flatland are views of the snow-capped Mount Baker and Sisters Range on a clear day.

Wiley Slough
Wiley Slough

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Wiley Slough at a Glance

Access: Skagit Wildlife Boat Launch
Round Trip: 2.6 miles
Elevation Range: 0′-72′
Gear: none
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Wiley Slough Trail

Today we took the recruit on his first hike. So that meant last week’s trip would be our final climb for a while. My first two partners didn’t start hiking until six months. So I had never thought about insulation at such young age.

We arrived at the quiet Skagit Wildlife Boat Launch parking in the early morning. But the calmness soon vanished the minute we heard distant gunshots. Alas, the waterfowl hunting season has begun.

A cold day
A cold day

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Birders Paradise

As it turned out, Wiley Slough is a popular birding destination as people were out strolling with zoom lenses. Everything was disorienting for Mr. Connor, and the ten-pounder stopped every few seconds while Sir Cody waited patiently.

We walked south inside the safety zones and enjoyed the sight of the stemming branches from the water. Perhaps gunshots had kept away the waterfowls, but more birds were flying overhead than hanging by the slough.

Mountains and sound
Mountains and sound

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The End of the Road

Later, we walked a short way past the trail’s end out to the wetlands in low tide. Mr. Connor seemed content snuggling with my fleece pullover, but I picked him up to stretch a bit. We left shortly after checking out the area and the mountains.

The 20 minutes in the wetlands was long enough for the water to come in fast. So I packed up and quickly carried the puppy under my arm to rush back onto the trail. But not fast enough that I ended up wading through a few water trenches.

Water's rising
Water’s rising

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I was soaking wet from the waist down and spent some time by the marshes to wring out water. The morning breeze had brought down the temperatures. So I wrapped Mr. Connor in my fleece pullover, and he hitchhiked back to the car.

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