2015/3/15 – Saddle Mountain East / 馬鞍山東段

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Another rainy weekend in the Cascades. All the places I looked had anywhere from 80% to 100% chance precipitation, and eastern Washington was no exception. It rained nonstop from Seattle all the way to the east, but gradually tapered down just as we pulled up to the parking area. The last time we were here, we hiked Sentinel Mountain farther west on the same mountain range Miraculously, the rain stopped after we started hiking.

The trail followed along the ridge but became less apparent the farther east we went. One nice thing about hiking in eastern Washington is the open terrain, where the views around are constant and are almost never obstructed. We followed the loop outlined in the hiking book, about 2.25 miles each way. If I weren’t pressing for time I’d consider going farther east.

The fog went in and out of the area, but mostly stayed on the north side of the ridge. The views to the south were present the entire time, including parts of Columbia River and the Tri-Cities. We stopped for photos and food at the turnaround point, and then moseyed our way back to the car.

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