Green Mountain Lookout 6500 in Glacier Peak Wilderness / 綠山

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Green Mountain Lookout 6500 offers spectacular views into the Glacier Peak Wilderness. It’s also a simple hike through lush green meadows in the dry season. Visible peaks from the tower include White Chuck Mountain and Dome Peak.

Final stretch on Green Mountain Lookout 6500
Final stretch on Green Mountain Lookout 6500

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Green Mountain Lookout 6500 at a Glance

Access: Green Mountain Trail
Round Trip: 8 miles
Elevation Range: 3480′-6500′
Gear: microspikes
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

The Preface

Green Mountain Lookout had long been on the back burner. But because of the Suiattle River Road closure, I continued to put the plan on hold. Then the road reopened last October beyond the initial 12 miles.

I chatted with the skiers and snowshoers of the two cars at the trailhead. They were about to explore places behind Green Mountain. Later the pups and I started walking right before another vehicle pulled in.

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Green Mountain Trail

Snow showed up at 5000′, and it’s in great shape. I put on microspikes as soon as snow and ice became continuous. Then I changed to snowshoes when snow deepened in the upper meadow.

Thanks to the group before us, we used their tracks up to where the southern slopes steepened. The group took the summer trail to the lower south ridge. Then they made their way around east of the mountain.

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The Final Stretch

Rather than following the group’s trails, we went straight up the south face. Before long, we were up on the south ridge at 150′ below the top. Then we carefully made our way up the crest.

Meanwhile, we stayed left to avoid potential cornices on the east. And soon, we were the first ones up on the lookout tower. But we only enjoyed 15 minutes of solitude before other people arrived.

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Green Mountain Lookout 6500 Summit

Only three sides of the structure had a walkway for standing. The forest service had taken out the east-facing aisle. Perhaps it was to prevent people from falling down the steep side.

More people came up and soon crowded the place. Then after a few more photos, the pups and I walked down. Most people had used our tracks and packed down the snow. So it was faster for us to plunge-step down the mountain.

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The years of waiting to come here were all worth it. And the mountain didn’t disappoint one bit. Plus, the lookout offered spectacular views I had only seen in photos up until now.

From the top, I also saw Sulphur Mountain next door. So I hope to visit the place soon.

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